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I have had some crazy requests for cakes…But this was I thought was awesome!!! She is one of my most regular client and who is constantly telling others about me 🙂 so when she asked me to make this, I had to do it…

She wanted an Indian Puja Plate…but all edible and as a cake!! A puja plate is used by Hindu’s when they have a big event in their house or temple and used as an offering to their deity. Each plate is different depending on the occasion and the god its being offered to.

This particular plate was for Lord Ganesh, The half human half elephant god. One of the main components of the plate is Modak – an indian sweet which Lord Ganesha lovesss and Lotus flower.

Every single elemant in this cake is EDIBLE!!!! and all handmade.

This cake was eggless as it was used as an offering in a temple.

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I think this may be my new favourite cake 🙂

Celeste asked me to make this awesome cake for her birthday..She had a lot of ideas and was adamant on having something Indian looking…She loves everything indian!! So i designed the cake…and needless to say she was absolutely stoked!!!

The cake flavours was White mudchocolate with ganache and one tier was dark chocolate mudcake! The elephants on top is not edible!..everything else, hand piped and painted gold. Also the cakes were hand carved 🙂

The pillow cake can be used in so many variations..For a young girls princess birthday, with a tiara on top or an elegant wedding cake 🙂

Rose the cake was absolutely gorgeous and yummmy people were asking if it was really cake lol i loved it and was happy with everything thanks a million. 🙂

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