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Another Tiffany & Co birthday cake for a joint 21st birthday party.

My hubby captured their wonderful party. If you need a photographer for your event, then contact me… He does a brilliant job and we do packages.

Memories Studio Photography

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Deanna asked me to make this unisex cake to celebrate a joint 50th birthday.

It was a free reign and all she wanted was tiffany blue, brown and silver incorporated into the cake.

Cake was our yummilicous White chocolate cake and was delivered.

Heres was Deanna said about the cake 🙂

The cake was absolutely delicious and everybody remarked on how beautiful it was.  The cake far exceeded my expectations, and I am so grateful that fate guided me to your website!

Thank you so much for everything and all your prompt replies to my queries.  You will be my first point of contact if I or any of my friends should require a cake in the future.

It was a pleasure to have met you and I hope that you and your family had a great evening

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I have had some crazy requests for cakes…But this was I thought was awesome!!! She is one of my most regular client and who is constantly telling others about me 🙂 so when she asked me to make this, I had to do it…

She wanted an Indian Puja Plate…but all edible and as a cake!! A puja plate is used by Hindu’s when they have a big event in their house or temple and used as an offering to their deity. Each plate is different depending on the occasion and the god its being offered to.

This particular plate was for Lord Ganesh, The half human half elephant god. One of the main components of the plate is Modak – an indian sweet which Lord Ganesha lovesss and Lotus flower.

Every single elemant in this cake is EDIBLE!!!! and all handmade.

This cake was eggless as it was used as an offering in a temple.

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