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Super hero CAKE!!

This is the mother of all super hero cakes 😀
a Special cake made for my gorgeous 4 year old for his super hero themed birthday…
includes his favourites… Batman, Hulk, captain america, Superman, Ironman and Spiderman!!!
EVERY single element in this cake is edible… including the mask… and the eyes light up 😀


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This cake was for my biggest critic 🙂 my gorgeous son who turned 3… Knowing his mum is a “cake” maker he thinks i can whip up anything 🙂 he initially asked for a Thomas cake with Spiderman sitting on top of it…i convinced him to rule spidey out 🙂

ofcourse the critic in him cake out 2 seconds after he saw it…he started with “Mum its awesomeeee (for a 3 year old, he has a excellent vocabulary) , you did a fantastic job…you are too cool…but {i was waiting for that} why is it number 3…you know its number 1” told him since he is turning 3 it was better that way…then he proceeds to tell me how one side is missing the wheels and that its missing some whistle…

lets just say I was very happy with it… with one of my busiest weeks I was lucky to give my son the cake he wanted.

Cake was dark chocolate mocha mudcake.

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After making her brothers Farm animal cake, Maya wanted a cake with Butterflies and a Fairy 🙂 and ofcourse her favourite colour is pink!

The cake was white chocolate mudcake layered with fresh strawberries and blueberries and dark chocolate ganache!

the butterflies are edible rice paper and they just added a beautiful touch to the cake. The fairy was hand modelled.

Bhavesh, the dad called and told me how excellent the cake was and how happy Maya(birthday girl) was…and that his friends have never tasted a cake this good 🙂 yayy..

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This farm themed cake is loosely based around an earlier Farm birthday cake I had made.

The cake was vanilla sponge with layers of fresh fruits and buttercream.

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JB Hi-Fi is a gizmo shop..where you get all your technology stuff..and this is a Man’s Paradise..

When Sudha asked me to make a cake with the JB HiFi logo on it I wasnt sure what she meant, and then she explained how her husband LOVES that shop and would sleep there if given the chance!! 🙂 This would be the perfect cake for all those guys who LOVEEEEE shops like this 🙂

The cake is Vanilla sponge with Chocolate filling and covered in ganache and fondant. The happy birthday script was made to look like the JB HiFi Sale sign 🙂

Cake was awesome rose, my husband liked it a lot n he was amazed with ur work. It was a delicious gourmet cake and will recommend ur cakes to others for all occasions. Thanks for the genuine effort u put in to my request.



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I think this may be my new favourite cake 🙂

Celeste asked me to make this awesome cake for her birthday..She had a lot of ideas and was adamant on having something Indian looking…She loves everything indian!! So i designed the cake…and needless to say she was absolutely stoked!!!

The cake flavours was White mudchocolate with ganache and one tier was dark chocolate mudcake! The elephants on top is not edible!..everything else, hand piped and painted gold. Also the cakes were hand carved 🙂

The pillow cake can be used in so many variations..For a young girls princess birthday, with a tiara on top or an elegant wedding cake 🙂

Rose the cake was absolutely gorgeous and yummmy people were asking if it was really cake lol i loved it and was happy with everything thanks a million. 🙂

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This cake was for Aredy’s 50th Birthday.

Aredy loves collecting vintage cup’s and saucer’s..And that was the theme of the cake.

Cake was the yummy White chocolate mudcake with ganache and covered in Fondant. The roses are all handmade and so is the cup and saucer.

Thank you Rose for the beautiful cake you made for my cousin’s 50th. She certainly was surprised and loved the vintage cup. You were a life saver being able to make this and decorate with only a few days notice.

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