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Super hero CAKE!!

This is the mother of all super hero cakes 😀
a Special cake made for my gorgeous 4 year old for his super hero themed birthday…
includes his favourites… Batman, Hulk, captain america, Superman, Ironman and Spiderman!!!
EVERY single element in this cake is edible… including the mask… and the eyes light up 😀


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Happpy new year my lovelies…i am back from holidays…and back with a bang!!!

My sisters wedding went welll…and i shall post pictures of the cake soon…if you havent seen it on my facebook page yet, then go and check it out!!!! and while you are at it…Like my page 😀

My Facebook Page

So like i said, I started the year with a bang!!! I landed on Friday morning and headed straight into the kitchen to start baking…why you ask…Well i had a hugeeee order 😀 IF you are from australia and follow NRL(National Rugby League) you will know who the Parramatta Eels are 😀 

I think 2 days before i left i got this email asking me if i could make a cake for the Eels Legend Steve Edges..I dont think i could sleep on the plane because all i could do was try and focus on where to start and how to go on about it…I had to channel my inner architect because i had to make a cake that looked like the building which was going to be named after Steve Edges..

No time to get jet lagged…horrrriiidddd humidity and rain…3 days of nonstop working and i did it…when i delivered the cake a few Eel players and legends were all praises…[i did not recognise half of them, but my husband pointed out who is who]..it felt great…

and heres the feedback from the Eels 😀

“It is AMAZING. Looks perfect and tastes great. Thanks so much! I’ve already given you a plug on twitter, it’ll be on Facebook and the website over the next 24 hours. Thanks again!”

and heres the link to the video montage that came on the national news 😀 my cake can be seen at 16sec and somewhere further on… 😀 once i get more pictures from the eels i shall post them 😀 oh and stay tuned coz theres soooo many great cakes i need to share…its been long…


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Soooo sorrry for being Missing in Action….have been busy and going crazy with kids plus am going home for 2 months…its my sisters wedding…WOOOHHOOO…so busy trying to sort everything to take plus her wedding cake…which is approximately 30inches tall!!!! and has flowers and bling and what not!!!

once i am at my parents and have not much to do, i will update my latest creations…seriously lots to update!!!

till then…

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This bridal shower cake was for another Vodafone employee.

The fondant is handpainted in silver and the flowers are scrunched roses..

Flavour was chocolate cake and ganache and covered in fondant…all components of the cake is hand made and edible except the bride and groom figurine…

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This cake was inspired by one of my earlier design

Samantha contacted my mid last year for an engagement cake…but the day of her actual engagement there was a family tragedy and decided to postpone the party to an undecided date…earlier this year she got back to me and asked me to re-do the engagement cake but on a smaller scale…

Cake was a Moist Chocolate Mud Cake with Ganache and Fondant…The Ring Box on top is all edible…The ring was the only inedible part of the cake.


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This year I have decided to attend a few courses to learn new techniques and ofcourse to keep up with the ever growing cake world!!

I had the pleasure of attending a sugar flower class with Handi… it was great to learn some new tricks and achieve some realistic sugar flowers..

Wont they look great on your next cake??

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This farm themed cake is loosely based around an earlier Farm birthday cake I had made.

The cake was vanilla sponge with layers of fresh fruits and buttercream.

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